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Live the life.
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Its your life.
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....and take flight.
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4th of July to me

To me 4 of July is about being with friends and family and hanging out. Obviously i can’t be with family this year. So I’ll be with friends…if we can figure something out. So far its been pretty damn lonely.

I think its a matter of I see it as such a get together day and cooking out and drinking beer and so doing nothing by myself and reading is just no fun while I have thoughts of what I would love to do in my head.

Maybe it was my cousin telling me his fantastic plans and here I sit alone. But I know I’m being selfish about this one.

I guess I just wanted to have some fun on 4 of July like every other American.

Only thing we came up with was going to a restaurant by the harbor and drink beer and such….only thing is…is I don’t want to spend mass amounts of money.

Let’s see if anything else happens today.

So on a happier note